Service Planning and Transformation Team

The Service Planning and Transformation team are responsible for a number of core functions within the Community Wellbeing and Resilience Service, these include overseeing the management information systems used across the service to provide key reporting and progress monitoring; service planning using data driven insights to identify gaps in service and interventions that best serve our communities and the development of vulnerability profiling techniques to maximise the reach of the early intervention and prevention ethos of the service.

The team are also responsible for facilitating the effective upkeep of staff training requirements across the whole service and also the hosting the Family Information Service, an essential public facing function for enquiries on a broad range of services available to people in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Management Information Team - Manages the collection, collation, quality assurance checks and analysis of key management information data relating to the CWRS and promote the consistent use of the Capita One / WCCIS management information systems.

Family Information Service (FIS) - Manages the Families Information Service which offers free information and signposting to parents, carers and guardians in RCT as well as managing the CWRS Website and Dewis Cymru database.

CWRS Training - Identifies, commissions and arranges training across CWRS to meet the needs of the service.

Vulnerability Profiling - Vulnerability profiling draws upon a broad range of publicly held data, using carefully researched and identified indicators that may make an individual vulnerable in a particular way, i.e. becoming homeless, not achieving key developmental milestones or disengaging with education. Vulnerability Profiling allows for the creation of a sustainable data model with which to identify areas of deficit in the population and plan services accordingly.

Service Mapping - To research and map services in Rhondda Cynon Taf to identify gaps in service whilst employing the analysis of a broad range of local and national data to inform and influence the improvement of existing and new services.