Programme Alignment Team

The Programme Alignment Team take the strategic lead on all matters in relation to the discharging and compliant use of the Children and Communities Grant and consists of three teams:

The Funding Flexibilities Team who employs an outcome focused commissioning model to procure early intervention and prevention services utilising Welsh Government funding flexibly as part of the funding alignment agenda.

The Funding Flexibilities Team focus on developing the contract specification, procurement and contract compliance aspects of the commissioning cycle; working closely with the Community Wellbeing and Resilience Service Planning and Transformation Team who undertake the needs analysis and performance management aspects. The team is managed by Helen Fisher-Holland the Commissioning Compliance Manager.

The Programme Flexibilities Team consists of a range of multi-agency professionals who oversee the allocation of funded childcare placements and deliver intervention strategies to children, young people, their families and childcare professionals, that will enhance the quality of their lives, learning and well-being thus ensuring they are able to meet their full potential. The team includes a Childcare Placement Officer, Speech and Language Therapist; Occupational Therapist; Educational Psychologist; Specialist Health Visitors; Midwives and Community Nursery Nurses. The team is directly line managed by Mandy Perry the Programme Alignment Manager.

The Quality Assurance Team oversee the Service’s Childcare Quality Assurance Framework to ensure that the delivery of Flying Start childcare by approved external providers is of a high quality in all areas. The team provide specialist support to the Funding Flexibilities Team to assess the quality of childcare provision to inform the commissioning of the Flying Start Childcare service. The team also produce and deliver training packages to support the CPD of the Flying Start Childcare workforce. The team is line managed by Joanne Jervis the Senior Quality Assurance Officer.

The Service is managed by Mandy Perry Programme Alignment Manager.